Adjusting to New Male Chastity Toy Options

Adjusting to New Male Chastity Toy Options

Most male chastity toy options that I have found online are a bit strange to me. I know that there are guys using them and enjoying everything about them, but I find it rather odd that some of these toys look like torture devices. The chastity device itself looks like a torture chamber at times, but some of these toys are completely shocking in appearance; at least to me anyway. Of course once you start using them, you will find that there isn’t any reason to fear these toys and you can actually start to enjoy yourself a bit more on a regular basis.

Some of the male chastity toy options that I have used in the past were fairly common to people that weren’t involved in chastity, but the ones that I have seen lately have taken on lives of their own it seems. I have gotten lost in browsing through some of these options online as I wonder what it is about them that guys seem to like so much. I would try them out myself, but I feel that I might end up losing myself in the moment and not be able to find my way back to my normal life.

I love using a male chastity toy when the moment is right, but I have a strong feeling that I might be tempted to give up everything I have in order to enjoy some of these toys for long periods of time. I do have an addictive personality and I am sure that there would be times when I wouldn’t even come out of my bedroom because of those toys. So I will just have to be happy with using the older toys that I have and looking at all the newer ones that are being designed for websites all over the Internet. Perhaps one day I can venture into the realm of the newer versions without worry.


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