Better Choices in a Male Chastity Toy


When I first decided to get a male chastity toy, I had to go into a store that sold bondage gear and pick between three different designs. It was easy to figure out which one to pick and I was happy with my decision. These days are a lot different, though. The Internet is the biggest place to purchase your toys from and that means you have to look through thousands of different sites offering thousands of different designs. If I was just getting involved in something like this, I would find it highly confusing and probably wouldn’t get very far with it at all.


I have been amused at seeing some of the newer male chastity toy options that are available on the market, though. I am sure there are quite a few of these toys that I probably wouldn’t feel all that comfortable wearing, but I do love looking at them online. There is something so exciting about looking at what guys are wearing these days and thinking back on when I only had three selections to choose from. I do love the fact that more guys are getting involved in this and changing the way things are being made.

I have purchased a couple of different male chastity toy items over the years, but they are all basically the same design. I find that making drastic changes in the design of what I am locking my cock up in is difficult for me to get used to. But I do know that there are times when I need a change or buy something new to replace an older toy. It takes a bit of time for me to get used to the new toy, but I feel that is all part of the fun of getting involved with something like this.


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A Random Male Chastity Toy

I found a male chastity toy online that I really want to try out but I don’t know if I would be able to handle it or not. I haven’t tried anything like this before so it was completely new to me to be thinking this way. All I knew is that I wanted to start enjoying my life in different ways and when I saw that toy I knew that was the way I wanted to go about it. I had to try it out so I went ahead and purchased it in the hopes that I would actually enjoy it eventually.

I will say that picking out a random male chastity toy probably isn’t the best way to go about things. I knew I should at least do some research on what I was getting myself involved in, but that wasn’t something I was thinking about at the time. I figured I would simply try it out and see what I thought about it from there. If I didn’t like it, then I would simply put it away somewhere and not think about it again. Thankfully, that isn’t what happened, although it did take a couple of tries to get used to it.

Using my male chastity toy has been one of the best things in my life. I didn’t really think that I was going to be able to get used to it the first time I tried it out, but the awkward phase didn’t last all that long. I found that looking around online did give me some information about what I was doing and that made things much better for me in the long run. Now I can use my toy anytime I want and enjoy it without thinking I might be doing something wrong in the process.  Spandex fetish wear for men


Male Chastity Toy Shopping

Male Chastity Toy Shopping

When picking out a new male chastity toy you need to think about a few things. The first is what kind of experience you are actually looking for. Are you looking for something that you can use out in public or something that is specifically used in the bedroom? There are so many different types of toys that you can find online that answering these questions are probably going to take you longer than any other aspect of finding something to play with. But once you have answered them; it will make things a lot easier on your search for your new toy.

I recently decided to look around for a new male chastity toy and found that I had been out of the loop for a while. I didn’t spend all that much time online looking for chastity based items before and, after a couple of years of enjoying what I already had, I wasn’t quite prepared for the amount of toys that I came across. The sheer number of things that had become available over those couple of years astounded me and I felt like I was at a loss for finding something that I could truly enjoy using.

The good news is that I was able to narrow down that huge list of male chastity toy sites into something a bit more manageable so that I could find a toy that was going to suit my needs. Now I can look through a couple of sites and find something that will push my limits of pleasure, but won’t make me regret buying it. If I would have purchased something a couple years ago without being able to research it, then I probably wouldn’t be where I am right now with my toys and I am sure my life would be way different than it is. So I’m pretty sure that things worked out for the best.

Discovering a Male Chastity Toy to Change My Sex Life

Discovering a Male Chastity Toy to Change My Sex Life

I started looking around for a male chastity toy that I could use in the bedroom while my wife and I were having some fun. I figured that she had all kinds of toys that she could have fun with, but I didn’t really have anything available to me. A friend of mine told me about the chastity toys that he was using in the bedroom and I figured I would give them a shot. I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect from them, but a few hours of online browsing had me thinking that this was something I should have been involved in a lot sooner.

I went from one male chastity toy to the next reading all the information I could find on them and how to use them. I watched videos online of them being used and couldn’t believe that something this wonderful had been hidden from me for all these years. This is the type of thing that I had always been looking for, but didn’t have any idea of what to call them or how to describe them. To think that they had basically been right in front of me just seemed like a cruel joke of some kind.

I picked out a male chastity toy and asked my wife what she thought about it. She wasn’t exactly sure that using something like that in the bedroom was something she wanted to be a part of at first, but after reading through some sites she changed her mind. Actually, she got extremely excited about the thought of having something like this in the bedroom and wanted me to have it rush delivered so that we could use it as soon as possible. I will say that my wife hasn’t brought out as many of her toys anymore since I got mine, and that is rather interesting as well as exciting to me.

Adjusting to New Male Chastity Toy Options

Adjusting to New Male Chastity Toy Options

Most male chastity toy options that I have found online are a bit strange to me. I know that there are guys using them and enjoying everything about them, but I find it rather odd that some of these toys look like torture devices. The chastity device itself looks like a torture chamber at times, but some of these toys are completely shocking in appearance; at least to me anyway. Of course once you start using them, you will find that there isn’t any reason to fear these toys and you can actually start to enjoy yourself a bit more on a regular basis.

Some of the male chastity toy options that I have used in the past were fairly common to people that weren’t involved in chastity, but the ones that I have seen lately have taken on lives of their own it seems. I have gotten lost in browsing through some of these options online as I wonder what it is about them that guys seem to like so much. I would try them out myself, but I feel that I might end up losing myself in the moment and not be able to find my way back to my normal life.

I love using a male chastity toy when the moment is right, but I have a strong feeling that I might be tempted to give up everything I have in order to enjoy some of these toys for long periods of time. I do have an addictive personality and I am sure that there would be times when I wouldn’t even come out of my bedroom because of those toys. So I will just have to be happy with using the older toys that I have and looking at all the newer ones that are being designed for websites all over the Internet. Perhaps one day I can venture into the realm of the newer versions without worry.


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Selecting the Right Male Chastity Toy

Selecting the Right Male Chastity Toy

The first male chastity toy that I picked out ended up being a bit more advanced than what I was actually ready to try. I had no idea what I was getting myself involved in with the first toy and simply purchased something I thought would be fun to use. However, my definition of fun and the definition of fun for the person that designed this toy ended up being two different things. I tried using it as soon as it showed up in the mail and failed miserably. I actually had to put it in the dresser and leave it there until I was ready to try it again later.

I ended up spending a bit more time looking for another male chastity toy to replace that first one that I screwed up so badly with and found one that I thought would be nice to use. It turned out that I should have chosen that one first as it was very easy to use and I had no problems getting as much enjoyment out of it as I possibly could before putting it away. I used that second toy for a couple of months until I was really familiar with the way it worked, and then pulled that first one back out.

It’s amazing to think that a little practice was all I needed to make that first male chastity toy something as exciting as the second one I purchased. Even though it was much more advanced than the second one, I was still able to use it effectively and enjoy it. I have since purchased numerous toys and used all of them without any problems thanks to buying that second one. It definitely pays to know what you are doing in times like this and researching the toy you are looking to purchase goes a long way as well.



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Finding that Perfect Male Chastity Toy

Finding that Perfect Male Chastity Toy

Picking out a new male chastity toy is one of the more difficult aspects of my life right now. Everything else in my life seems to be falling right into place, but deciding on which toy I should try out next has me absolutely baffled most of the time. I know I can just order something and get used to it, but I want to make sure that the toy I am buying is something that will change my world from the very first time I use it. If it doesn’t do that, then I feel like I have wasted a bunch of money that I could have used for something else in my life.

I have looked around on male chastity toy websites for the last couple of months and nothing that I have seen looks like it would be anything to brag about in a letter to home. Not that I would be telling anyone from home that I am using things like this, but I want my next toy to be something special to me. I want to know that what I am getting involved in is going to make a difference in the way I view my life from here on out.


Just because I haven’t been able to find the right male chastity toy just yet doesn’t mean that I am going to stop looking for it, though. I know there is a website out there somewhere that has the perfect toy for me and all I have to do is figure out where it is. Once I have found the perfect site, it’s just a matter of time before I end up finding the toy that I have been searching for my entire adult life. All I can do is hope that I come across that site sooner rather than later in my life.

Learning about the Male Chastity Toy

Learning about the Male Chastity Toy

Picking out a male chastity toy is something that most guys never really consider in their lives. These are the guys that are always prepared for everything that might happen to them, but they still feel like they are missing out on something fundamentally important. They just don’t understand that what they are missing out on is the control of their erections. Once they come to the conclusion that they are not as in control as they thought they were, they realize that using these toys is the only hope they have of filling in that hole, they have tried to ignore inside them.

I have used more than one male chastity toy in my life and I can tell you that these items are exactly what was missing, for me anyway. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do for a living, once you realize that these toys will bring you the happiness that has been eluding you for all those years, you will finally feel the peace that you have been searching for all this time. Then you can come to the realization that your life isn’t quite as bad as you might secretly think it is when you are all alone in your house.

Nothing about using a male chastity toy will make you feel like you are losing out on anything. You will find yourself thinking about using your toy when you might not have it and you will be thanking yourself that you decided to go this route when you do have it. These toys will show you the amount of fun that you can have in your life as long as you can bring yourself to understand that this is exactly what you need in your life. If you can’t do that, then you will continue to live your life in the same manner that you always have. The choice is, after all, yours.


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Male Chastity Toy to Enhance a Chastity Lifestyle

Male Chastity Toy to Enhance a Chastity Lifestyle

Using a male chastity toy isn’t the only thing that I enjoy about this lifestyle, but it is one of the parts that truly make me happy about living it. I was involved in male chastity for a long time before realizing that there were toys available that I could use to enhance the experience. Before that, I was happy and content enough with the lifestyle I was choosing, but now it seems like I was missing out on things that would have opened up something completely different. When that happened, it all seemed so boring and lame that I wasn’t using them when I first started this path.

My decision to use a male chastity toy while wearing my device wasn’t exactly hard for me to reach. In fact, I don’t really believe that I thought about it at all. It just seemed to happen that I was on a website looking at some of these toys and decided that I would give one a shot to see what it was like. After I got it in the mail and tried it out, I was hooked for life and can’t possibly think of any reason to give them up. I have since purchased quite a few of them and love using them all.

If you would have told me a few years ago that I would be wearing a chastity device and using a male chastity toy along with it, I would have laughed in your face. Actually, I probably wouldn’t have even known what you were talking about and laughed at you anyway. But now that I have used them, I wouldn’t give them up for anything in the world. In fact, I don’t know that I could continue with this lifestyle if it wasn’t for the toys that I have used since starting this lifestyle.


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Our Special Male Chastity Toy

Our Special Male Chastity Toy

I purchased a new male chastity toy the other day and finally got the chance to try it out last night. My partner and I have a firm grasp in the whole male chastity fetish and purchasing this new toy was something that we have wanted to do for a while now. Once we finally got it in the mail, we were so excited that we simply couldn’t bring ourselves to use it right away. We had to calm ourselves a bit in order to finally break the toy out and see what it was all about.

I will say that purchasing any kind of male chastity toy will bring about a completely different feel to the chastity fetish. But the toy that we had purchased took that feeling to a whole new level versus other toys that we have had in the past. I was actually amazed that something like this could even exist in this reality and I have never been happier with my decision to finally purchase it. My partner knew the entire time that this was going to be one of those things that we would both enjoy and kept pushing me to buy it as soon as I possibly could.

Now there is a huge variety of male chastity toy options available these days and the toy that we purchased might not be the one that you would want to use, but there are some out there that will provide the best experience you have ever had. It might take you some time to find that one special toy, but you have to fully believe that it is out there just waiting for you to buy it. Then you will be able to feel the excitement that my partner and I have been ever since we finally got this toy in the mail.


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