Male chastity toy getting hooked

There are many more male chastity toy design out there that are not cock cages. Yes cock cages are the number one male chastity toy because they are so effective they take sexual please and the control of orgasm away fro the wearer and give it to the master if he is a slave or more often than not these days it goes to the wife, boyfriend or girlfriend that has decided for many different reason that it is time to enforce the wearing and or use of a male chastity toy. Using the word toy is a funny thing because most of the cock cages, ass hooks and other forms of humiliation are anything but toys. The term male chastity toy comes from the adult industry for retailing purposes. Don’t let the name fool you. If you are forced to wear one a toy will be the last thought on your mind.

My girlfriends favorite store is extreme mens swimwear, male chastity, cock stretching, anal wear and so much more. The photo below is of a suit she just got me for summer pool parties. It stretches and displays the cock and for control there is a large hook that goes up my ass. Every party I have been to she pulls it out and puts it back in to show her freinds and other slaves how easy it is to milk me.


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