My favorite male chastity toy

We all have favorite toys. I love my stainless steel anal wand. It never misses when it is time to be milked. Same with my male chastity toy cages. Funny to call a cock cage a male chastity toy but that is what the industry calls them. My favorite is a clear silicone cage male chastity toy that is impossible to get out of once locked in yet feels great to wear all day long and even days at a time. My master slips on an Ass Spark metal cock ring anal plug with the silicone male chastity toy to keep me from having any sort of fun.

Make sure to visit link: Mens swimwear and click on the right side cock in a metal cage to see one of the most amazing male chastity toy, spandex fetish wear, extreme swimwear including male to female transformation and so much more. There are so many reasons why this site and their male chastity toy selection blows me away but one thing is for sure. The cocks. The men showing off their cocks just as nature intended. Beautiful photos of real men some fetish artwork for us all. You can’t help but want their products after seeing how amazing they work. Their quality is off the charts.


Here is an example of a spandex design:

Impaled Bikini

When it comes to giving you a bikini that works overtime, brings out the big guns. The Impaled Bikini is one of those items that allows you to get excitement from both ends by adding the Ass Spark or Double Bump Ass Spark plug along with a cock ring and cock strap in the pouch up front. In this way, you get that amazing sensation of being violated from behind while showing off your erect cock out front. Now, how many suits out there at your local retail store can give you things like that?

This style of bikini has been one of the top sellers for guys all over the place because they love the whole penetration design that uses. The Impaled Bikini is one design that will have you creaming yourself over and over again from the very first time you slide it on. The thing is you can’t just throw this suit on and go out for the day; you have to wear it like you would a second skin and enjoy every single second of it. has given you the perfect opportunity to do just that with this suit, and they know you will love it.

How many times have you wanted a swimsuit that could give you pleasure beyond anything you could ever imagine? Well, if you pick up an Impaled Bikini, then you are going to get that pleasure you have been looking for and just a bit more. Nothing is hotter than having an Ass Spark tickling you from the inside while that cock strap keeps your front pouch nice and full for all to see. Now, you can walk out your door in orgasmic pleasure and let everyone out there see exactly what you are bringing to any party that you might be invited to later that night.