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I struggled to stay awake as the district manager droned on and on about statistics. To help me in staying awake, I started to focus on the new male chastity toy that Gary, my partner, and I had recently ordered. It had only been a couple of days since we ordered it, but since it was coming from, I knew the chances were excellent that we would get it within the next day or so. Thinking about this toy was definitely working because I was suddenly not sleepy anymore. However, it could have been working a little TOO well because now I was having a different type of difficulty.


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Yes, it was very arousing to me just thinking about what I may find when I went home from work today. Our new male chastity toy was going to be so much fun trying out that I wasn’t sure I could stand it for the next couple of hours. But I promised myself I wouldn’t call Gary and ask if it had arrived yet. You see, unlike some people, I happen to like surprises; at least surprises of the PLEASANT kind. Besides, the anticipation and the not knowing part were the two things that were helping me at least look alert in this meeting. I was actually able to appear interested in all of those statistics and even nod along in agreement or shake my head in dismay, depending on what was called for.

Finally, it was 5pm and I was able to head home hoping to find my new male chastity toy awaiting me. Rushing through the door at home, I pitched my briefcase on the kitchen bar and raced through to the living room. Undoing my tie as I went, I started to call out for Gary. He answered that he was in the bedroom. This made me even more excited because I just knew he was back there playing with our new toy! Racing down the hallway, I exploded through the doorway to our bedroom and found Gary standing by the large walk-in closet we shared.

“Hey!” I said by way of a greeting. “Did it come? Is our new male chastity toy here?”

I didn’t really like the expression on Gary’s face as he turned to look at me. I just knew that I was about to be disappointed and I wasn’t wrong.

“Man, I’m so sorry,” he began. “I checked the mail as soon as I got home but all we got today was this.”

Then, he turned all the way around and held out a box. That’s when I knew he had been teasing me!

“Oh, you horrible slut!” I screamed at him. Reaching toward him, I tried to grab the box. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it now that I knew it contained our new male chastity toy.

“That was so mean of you!” I cried. “You KNOW how much I’ve been looking forward to this getting here!”

Gary was playing with me now by holding the box just out of my reach and making me do some sort of weird dance trying to get it. He was also laughing quite hard.

“Oh come on, Darren!” he said. “Dust off your sense of humor a little. I was just having some fun.”

“Yes, I know you were, and at MY expense!”

“Calm down, baby,” Gary said. “Here, I’ve even got a knife to get the box open. You can do the honors.”

Quickly, I ripped open the tape holding the box together and dug through the packing material. Finally, there it was; our lovely new male chastity toy.  Nestled in the rest of the packing material was the Cock Rage. It really was so beautiful to look at just as the website description had claimed. The rest of the description had talked about how intense it was and how it was the perfect tool to use for chastity training. It also spoke about how it was highly effective when it came to fighting off unwanted erections and sexual urges. We would have to see about that part. But so far, it was pretty with its full shaft tube ending in a metal cage. Whether it tamed any urges or not, this male chastity toy was definitely fun to look at.

Gary and I were a bit different than most couples practicing chastity. We were both into it in a huge way so our solution to the dilemma was to take turns in being the Key Holder and the one being trained. I was so excited to get the Cock Rage because, this time, it was MY turn to wear it and Gary was going to be the Key Holder. That was one of the reasons that he started out by playing that little hiding game of his. It was his way of starting out the training and play.

Since I was the one to wear the male chastity toy, Gary did the rest of the opening up of the package and preparing the Cock Rage. We’re always very careful about sanitation and things like that. The last thing you want is to get some sort of infection because you didn’t use common sense. That’s also why I was going to be taking a shower before Gary placed the cage on my cock. Everything needs to be clean and ready.

I have to admit to cheating a little while I was in the shower. After all, I wasn’t going to be fucking for at least a week so I wanted to be sure that my balls got emptied before the male chastity toy was locked on me. So while Gary was busy doing his thing to get the cage ready, I was doing a little “thing” of my own in the shower. I had to make sure that I wasn’t too loud or anything because he would hear me, and I would be in deep shit. That’s why I was slowly and silently stroking my cock. It was actually already throbbing intensely just from the anticipation of the cage arriving. In truth, I had been hard all afternoon once I started thinking about the Cock Rage. That made things even more intense now as I continued to think about that male chastity toy as I stroked.

It didn’t take as long as I would have liked before I totally coated down the side of the shower with my thick cum. I had also managed to reach my peak without making a sound. Now that was a bit tricky, but I did it. As I rinsed my body as well as the shower walls, I knew Gary would be waiting impatiently by now to get me locked up nice and tight in the Cock Rage. Reaching for my towel, I stepped from the shower and started to dry myself off. Just as I had suspected, Gary was waiting impatiently for me holding the, now sterilized and ready for use male chastity toy.

Ok,” I said as I watched Gary impatiently tapping his foot. “I’m all clean and ready now.”

“It’s about fucking time,” Gary muttered as he walked toward me, balancing the instrument on the end of his index finger. He took my cock in his hand and gently placed the Cock Rage on me. Once he was satisfied that he had it on correctly, he took the key and locked me in it. Smiling wickedly, he held the key up for me to see. He had placed it on a chain and was now putting that chain around his neck with the key disappearing down the front part of his shirt.

The male chastity toy had now begun the start of some new training games for me. While I knew that the worst of it wouldn’t start for a day or so, I was already feeling that excited anticipation that came over me every time Gary and I indulged in these games. We knew it was rather odd for two submissives to pair up but that’s just what happened with us. The attraction was undeniable when we first met and we didn’t realize what had happened until after we had been seeing each other for a few weeks. It had worked out pretty well, though. Even though neither of us would have thought it was possible, we had each become rather comfortable with switching roles from time to time.

Now, with this new male chastity toy, it was my turn to fall into the role that I felt most at home with. I slipped on a pair of workout pants and a t-shirt. Gary was waiting in the living room comfortably lounging on the sofa and watching television. This let me know that we were now in training mode. So before I made my way to the kitchen, I took a small notepad and pen and walked over to him. Reverently bowing my head, I asked him what his order for dinner would be. After letting me know what he wanted me to cook, I made my way to the kitchen, very aware of the male chastity toy that was now encasing my cock.

I became even more aware of it as I went about the motions of cooking the gourmet meal that Gary ordered. Once I was finished cooking, I served it to him at the dining table. He was completely settled with his meal before I was allowed to fix a plate of food and sit on the floor at his feet. We ate in silence. When Gary was ready for a refill on his wine, he simply held up his glass without even looking at me, and I leaped to my feet to get him more wine.

The male chastity toy DID manage to keep my urges in check as I was drawing a bath for Gary and then washing his entire body. Just gazing at his amazing nude and wet body always excited me to the extreme. It was no different now. The difference was that, this time, when I started to get aroused, the Cock Rage simply would not allow it to happen. As soon as I was made painfully aware of the fact of my limitations, the erection would start to subside. Actually, it was the thought of the erection that would subside because the cage wasn’t letting me get a real one.

Yes, this male chastity toy was doing exactly what it was supposed to be doing. It continued later that night when I was awakened from my pallet on the floor at the foot of the bed. During training times, Gary and I rarely slept together. The Key Holder would sleep in the bed and the trainee would be sleeping on the floor pallet. It wasn’t as uncomfortable as it sounds. The pallet was more to get across the idea that the trainee wasn’t yet worthy of sleeping in the same nice bed as the Key Holder.

However, I’ll get on with the part about being awakened in the middle of the night. Gary woke me by calling to me. I was instructed to kneel by the bed and watch him as he stroked his very hard and engorged cock. My male chastity toy was really having to work hard to do its job. Gary’s cock is so very beautiful and just looking at it made me ache to be sucking it or having it fucking me deep and powerful. These thoughts, in turn, made my cock try so very hard to react in kind. The erection I would have had except for the Cock Rage would have been photo worthy, I guarantee.

That didn’t happen, though. Instead, I was made to kneel at the side of the bed and watch Gary as he gripped his burgeoning member and stroked it ever so slowly. The male chastity toy I was wearing did save me from being completely at the mercy of my urges, but it wasn’t a very easy thing to keep watching Gary pump his cock like that, knowing that I wasn’t going to be getting anywhere near it. At least that’s what I thought. His breathing became heavier and faster, all of which excited me even more. Just as I could tell that he was about to erupt in an explosion of white hot lava, he turned on his side facing me. He reached out and pulled me to him by my hair just in time to aim the head of his cock at my mouth to catch his succulent cream.

The male chastity toy kept my cock in check, but not my desires. I was happy to serve Gary in any way I could. This was quite evident in the way I greedily wrapped my lips around his cock so that his cum would go straight down my throat. Thirstily, I gulped down every single drop and then set about licking the head of his cock clean. Once he was satisfied, Gary turned away from me and went back to sleep. This meant that I was to return to my place at the foot of the bed on the pallet.

When I went to work the next day, I was wearing my male chastity toy underneath my business suit. Before I left home, I had cooked and served breakfast to Gary, plus made the kitchen spotless. Then I had dressed Gary for his day at work before I was allowed to get dressed myself. This is the part of our game that I always had trouble with because I really like to sleep until the very last minute. Not being a morning person, this part always took some adjusting. However, adjust I did, and even made it to work with a couple of minutes to spare.

Now, all I had to do was make sure that I was making the correct adjustments to the way I walked because, otherwise, people were going to wonder what was wrong with me. A male chastity toy is something that can definitely affect a man’s gait. Of course, my co-workers most likely wouldn’t notice that I was wearing something odd under my clothes, but they MIGHT notice that I was walking as if I had a stick up my ass or something. That was a situation I really wanted to avoid. Gary didn’t make it any easier. He called me just before lunch and started telling me all of these dirty, sexy things he had been thinking about. This was also a little part of our game because he knew how difficult he was going to be making it for me while I was trying to hide my male chastity toy. I had no choice but to listen to him, though. He was, after all, my Key Holder and could do anything he liked regarding me.

After this one sided phone sex call had ended, I was happy to stay seated at my desk for a few minutes longer. Had I tried to get up and walk down the hall, I had no doubt that I was going to be the object of many stares and whispers. It was just a matter of calming down a little, and the Cock Rage was also doing its part to keep my body behaving.

All of this probably sounds pretty crazy to anyone that doesn’t get into the lifestyle of using a male chastity toy.  It’s ok if you don’t get it. I can’t even explain it in a way that you would ever understand it. There’s just something about having all control taken away from you and turned over to someone you love and trust. When Gary and I are playing our game and he’s the Key Holder, there are no decisions I have to make. I just do as I’m told and that’s such a relief to me considering that all day long at my job, I’m the one that has to make decisions and tell people what to do. Gary takes that away from me and it’s so liberating that I can’t even describe it.

The male chastity toy isn’t really so much about keeping me chaste as it is controlling my sexual pleasure. As my Key Holder, Gary gets to decide when, or if, I am to be granted sexual release, all the while getting release anytime he wants it. Most of that involves making me watch or take part in some small way; just enough to make me so horny I could explode.

Oddly enough, once after I had been the trainee and wearing my device for nearly two weeks, Gary had me watching him as he stroked his cock and fucked his ass with a brand new dildo. I was so horny that even though I wasn’t able to attain a full erection with my male chastity toy on, just watching him actually made me cum. That’s just how horny I was! I couldn’t touch myself for stimulation and I swear I was only watching while kneeling before him. But he was so hot in what he was doing and I had quite the buildup going on in my poor swollen balls that I guess it was just looking for a place to go.

Gary and I had both been pretty amazed and stunned that I had been able to do that, even though it took some convincing on my part that I hadn’t cheated at all. Finally, he was able to accept that he was such a turn on to me that I couldn’t help it. My body simply needed release so it sought it even with my male chastity toy. Think of it as a heat seeking missile. My cum found the source of heat to make it boil to the surface.

Just thinking about that has made me very hot and my Cock Rage is getting put through its paces once more. I can’t wait until I get home tonight to see just what other routines Gary has waiting for me. Who knows? I might just get horny enough to cum with my cage on again, but I have to say that these cages from are pretty sturdy. It will be interesting to see just how far the limits go with this one.