Choosing a New Male Chastity Toy through Visualization

Male Chastity Toy

Choosing a New Male Chastity Toy through Visualization

With the various male chastity toys that are on the market today, sometimes it can just be difficult to figure out which one or ones you want to buy next. One way to do that is by using your mind’s eye. It’s nothing magical or mystical. You simply find a male chastity toy that piques your interest and then close your eyes. Visualize yourself using this toy in the way it was designed to do. It won’t hurt to also visualize it being used in other, more creative, ways than it was meant to be used for. There’s certainly nothing wrong with creativity, especially when it comes to pleasure.

That’s why you want to see yourself opening the package the toy will come in and getting ready to put it to use. Then, you allow yourself to feel how this toy will affect you physically. Analyze how it makes you feel and you’ll have your answer as to whether or not you should be buying that particular toy. This is true whether it’s a new cock cage you’re looking at or it’s an anal hook that you’ve never tried. Go with your reaction and you’re less likely to buy the wrong toy.

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One thought on “Choosing a New Male Chastity Toy through Visualization

  1. I’ve been in the male chastity lifestyle for a couple of years now and my Key Holder doesn’t always allow me to choose my own toys. Even when I’m allowed to choose them, they still have to pass inspection, so to speak. That’s ok with me, though, because my Key Holder already knows what sort of toys I need. When she picks them out, it just takes even more responsibility away from and that’s what it’s all about, really. Well, that and keeping her happy. It’s not as hard as a lot of men think to live this way. I’ve actually found it helps me to focus better in the rest of my life. Work isn’t so bad now because that’s the only place that I have to make decisions. In fact, if I’m faced with a really hard decision or something, I just go home and talk to my Key Holder about it. She usually has some pretty good advice about stuff. So that takes even more off of me. Honestly, I find the male chastity lifestyle to be a pretty good one and I truly don’t mind if she insists on choosing my male chastity toys or not.