Selecting the Right Male Chastity Toy

Selecting the Right Male Chastity Toy

The first male chastity toy that I picked out ended up being a bit more advanced than what I was actually ready to try. I had no idea what I was getting myself involved in with the first toy and simply purchased something I thought would be fun to use. However, my definition of fun and the definition of fun for the person that designed this toy ended up being two different things. I tried using it as soon as it showed up in the mail and failed miserably. I actually had to put it in the dresser and leave it there until I was ready to try it again later.

I ended up spending a bit more time looking for another male chastity toy to replace that first one that I screwed up so badly with and found one that I thought would be nice to use. It turned out that I should have chosen that one first as it was very easy to use and I had no problems getting as much enjoyment out of it as I possibly could before putting it away. I used that second toy for a couple of months until I was really familiar with the way it worked, and then pulled that first one back out.

It’s amazing to think that a little practice was all I needed to make that first male chastity toy something as exciting as the second one I purchased. Even though it was much more advanced than the second one, I was still able to use it effectively and enjoy it. I have since purchased numerous toys and used all of them without any problems thanks to buying that second one. It definitely pays to know what you are doing in times like this and researching the toy you are looking to purchase goes a long way as well.



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